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UV/Light Stabilizers
K1560® is a specialty UV stabilizer concentrate containing 25% UV stabilizer based in polypropylene. This concentrate is designed to offer UV protection by quenching oxidative byproducts resulting from the exposure to UV light. K1560® has a minimal effect on the color or melt index of products to which it is added.

       ▪ Bulk bag / plastic flexible container bags / flexible intermediate bulk container.
       ▪ Plastic woven sack / wool pack
       ▪ Awning
       ▪  Mesh (vegetable) bags
       ▪ Film
       ▪ Fiber
       ▪ Injection and blow molding

    K1560® is recommended for use at 0.6% to 2% addition levels depending upon customer specific application requirements. At 1.0% addition level, FIBC fabrics with K1560® will meet requirements of both ISO 21898 (the FIBC international standard) and ASTM G154 (Standard Practice for UV exposure of nonmetallic materials).

UV Test method:
    Expose test samples to fluorescent UV-B light in QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester for at least
200 hours, using a test cycle of 8 hours at 60 °C with UV radiation, alternating with 4 hours at 50 °C
with condensation.

    Use within 24 months of production date for optimum performance.

Handling & Safety:
    In accordance with good industrial practices, handle with care.

    In 20 kg bags.

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